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Ashlyn 7/17/18 Im So Happy For Mac


Ashlyn 7/17/18 Im So Happy For Macbook Pro

First, I sewed one of the short sides of the fabric together so that they were connected. I then cut the bottom of the dress to the length I wanted and to have the triangular cut outs. Added dvp-it layout for mac free. From here, I sewed the two sides of the fabric together from the bottom of the dress to about the middle of my back. I added in a corset type look at the top so that I could adjust the tightness of it.

Ashlyn 7/17/18 Im So Happy For Mac Free

On the front, I added the bra into the dress and then made a layered type area to make the top more flattering. For the shoes, I got cheap flats and hot glued fluffy balls on to the top of them to make for perfect Tinker Bell shoes.

I also found a pair of really cheap wings at Party City to complete the look. For Matthew's costume, I found a green t-shirt that was really big (He normally wears L-XL and the shirt I got was 3XL). I knew that I was going to give him a belt because I did not want the shirt to look as big as it was. His one condition for wearing this costume was that his biceps and his legs had to be shown off, of course. I love that kid; he cracks me up. So in order to make his biceps look good in a 3XL shirt, I cut out about 5-6in out of each sleeve to make them tighter and I also cut them much shorter. On the sleeves and on the bottom of the shirt, I cut the triangular looking pattern.

On his shirt, on the collar, I made a corset type tie up out of rope to add an extra detail. His belt was made of the same rope. Finally, I looked on Pinterest to find how to make the Peter Pan hat and then I drew it out and sewed felt together to make the hat.

We topped the hat off with a big red feather. And of course, he got to wear some nice women's leggings, which he loved. I think he likes leggings more than any girl does.