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Brand New Aaliyah For Mac

Mac aaliyah collection reviewMac

Just a month after M.A.C. Announced its forthcoming (out in 2016) comes even more awesome news: Aaliyah fans are to make an Aaliyah-inspired collection. This comes on the fourteenth anniversary of the iconic singer's untimely death. Written by superfan Jennifer Risinger, the petition requires 7,500 signatures, and so far, it already has 5,107. 'Aaliyah stands for M.A.C.'

S mission of 'All ages, All races, All sexes,' writes Risinger. 'She was a risk taker, innovator, edgy, street but sweet, & R&B's Princess. Our mission is simple: We want her legacy to continue and be reintroduced through a collection with M.A.C. Risinger seems to even have contacted Aaliyah's brother, Rashad Haughton, and says he told her that Aaliyah was a 'big fan of M.A.C.' There's even created just for this specific imagined collection. Risinger writes that she hopes the line will include 'eye shadows, lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses, contour and highlight, beauty powder, false lashes, and eyebrow pencils.'

If this collection actually does become a reality—and hey, —might we suggest M.A.C. Names it the One in a Million collection? Just our two cents. Anyway, #AaliyahforMAC. Let's get it trending.

Mac Cosmetics Aaliyah Collection


Brand New Aaliyah For Mac Line

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