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Digital Court Recording Solutions


What We Offer We provide a range of audio recording and legal transcription services pertaining to: About Us Mission Statement We aim to be the best medium-sized recording and transcription company within Southern Africa by focusing on the key components to good, reliable services ensuring customer satisfaction – namely: pro-active communication, motivation of staff and complete honesty. Professionalism and Reliability DIGITAL AUDIO is an international recognised company, specializing in voice and data communication. DIGITAL AUDIO services include recordings and transcription of conferences, public hearings, arbitrations, political meetings, commission of inquiries and board meetings. Further services rendered are simultaneous interpellation consecutive interpretation and translation services in all 11 official South Africa languages, Continental, Oriental and eastern European languages. DIGITAL AUDIO retail and rents recording, transcribing equipment and simultaneous interpellation units. DIGITAL AUDIO is an equal opportunity company, which do not discriminate against race, sex, disability and religion which endeavour to establish a long term partnership with our clientele. DIGITAL AUDIO believe in providing a turnkey operation and to cover the full spectrum of the operation.

DIGITAL AUDIO provide solutions with our clients, for our clients in all industries. Furthermore we are on a 24-hour answering service for client access. Our policy is to establish a separate and professional division for each project with a separate infrastructure. Two (or more projects) won't have to compete for an infrastructure thus ensuring a high and professional standard for each project. Transcribing Our transcriptionists and typists have a wealth of experience in the compiling of court cases and Data recording. Some of our typists are currently compiling appeal cases and others have experience of such operations. Furthermore all our transcriptions will be fully acquainted with the playback machines.

Editing All work will be edited to ensure correctness in spelling and linguistics. Please note that our office's managers/supervisors must, aside from managerial abilities, also have linguistic capabilities to ensure a professional and effective office and product. Preparation of Appeal Cases Through experience we know that there is a vast difference between the minutes of and the COURT CASES of a specific proceeding, i.e.

Minutes are only edited for spelling, while the COURT CASES is edited for typesetting. We therefor train the editors to ensure that the final product will adhere to rules of the High Court. We have trained editors to our disposal with experience in the preparation and finalization of the APPEAL and COURT CASES. Resource and Facilities DIGITAL AUDIO has offices in. (I) Mmabatho. (II) Klerksdorp. (III) Johannesburg.

(IV) Pretoria. (V) Rustenburg.

(VI) Nelspruit After requests from attorneys and other Government Departments we are busy with establishing offices in Cape Town, Kimberley and Bloemfontein. We are fully adaptable to the requirement of each court. At this stage we had 32 operators and 84 typists any unforeseen circumstances and changes in the format could be handled in 24hours. Experience DIGITAL AUDIO has 22 years experience in Court and Commission of Inquiry work. Client list included. Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.

Digital Court Recording Solutions

. Products Recorder Solutions Playback and Transcription Programs Other Utilities. Downloads Liberty Court Recorder/Player Liberty Interview Recorder/Player Utilities Liberty Meeting Recorder Liberty Presentation Recorder/Player Other. Knowledge base Liberty Knowledge base Features Lists Transcription and Dictation Buddy. records courtroom proceedings and replaces tape systems like the Sony BM246.

Digital court recording solutions

Digital Court Recording Solutions

Records custodial interviews and interrogations for police and other law enforcement services and replaces VHSs and DVRs. Records city and town councils, assemblies and meetings, where agendas and minutes are saved in Microsoft Word documents. For capturing and streaming both the venue and the presentation PC's desktop during educational and corporate training sessions. News April 11, 2018: September 26, 2017: February 8, 2017: January 25, 2017: September 7, 2016: July 26, 2016: Copyright © High Criteria Inc. All Rights Reserved.