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Download Idisk For Mac


Speed Download is a download manager and file sharing tool for the Mac. There are two versions of this app: Speed Download and Speed Download Lite. They vary only in that the Lite version is a stripped down version of Speed Download, which only allows you to use the download manager.

The rest of the features are not available in that version, but you are saving $5. Speed Download allows you to download files just like you would from your web browser. In fact, when you install the app, it integrates with your web browsers, so any download that you start from your browser will be taken over by Speed Download. It will be accelerated, too, since the app uses a downloading engine that can boost up speeds considerably. Of course, don't expect this to double your download speeds or anything like that.

Download Idisk For Mac

There are a few other features in the complete version of this app. For example, it has an FTP client and a tool to upload files to Rapidshare quite easily.

It also can connect to your iDisk and browse it, and you can download files from it as well. There is also a 'send' feature that allows you to send files to other Speed Download users, or to a variety of other server types. In a nutshell, this app works very well, it integrates with Chrome and other web browsers and it has quite a few features. It also has a simple mode for those who prefer it.

Review of iDisk USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad If you have an iPhone and are on a tight budget chances are you purchased an iPhone or iPad with the least amount of memory. But what if you really need the extra space? What if you take a ton of photos and have a large music library you want to download and simply can’t afford the higher memory iPhone?

Unfortunately iPhones and iPads do not have an SD port like many Android and Window phones, so I guess you’re just out of luck. Just kidding. There’s actually now another option, and that is by expanding memory using a USB flash drive like iDisk for your iPhone or iPad. Didn’t think there was such a thing? You’re not alone.

Most think expandable memory is only available on Android or Windows phones, which was true until recently. Now there are flash memory storage drives specifically created for iPhone and iPad’s using the power port or lightning connector as a way to connect and store. Why Use a USB Storage Device for iPhone? Some would say to just save all your photos and other files to your iCloud account if you wish to free up space on your iOS device. That is true, you can save a lot to the Cloud, but what if you don’t want to stream your music or what if you don’t want your photos and files on the internet at all? This is the concern of many iPhone and iPad users, and that’s why companies like OLALA, who recently contacted us to review their storage device, began creating expandable storage for them.

IDisk USB Flash Drive for iOS The mobile memory storage device called, iDisk is the one I received from OLALA to review. I received no payment, only the device, and this is my honest opinion of what I received. The iDisk USB (3.0) flash drive I received can store up to 64GB.

They do however sell them with up to 128GB of storage and as low as 32GB. The price ranges from $35-$80 on Amazon, but they often have some promotion going on so prices vary often or vary if you purchase more than one and so on. Also, they have an iDisk flash drive that you can use your own memory cards with and act as a reader and flash drive.

My observations: The iDisk storage device is nicely packaged and and comes in a few different colors, the one I received is pink. The case is made of aluminum and has a swivel cap on it allowing you to swivel use from the lightning port to the USB end. The lightning port is long and easy to plug in or unplug from the iPhone or iPad power port. There are no directions in the package so I continued on by plugging it in and found that directions were not really needed.

Download Recovery Disk For Mac Os X

I figured it out by playing around with it a bit but did find there was a user guide included should one need it. After plugging the device into the lightning port of my iPhone a popup asked me for my permission to allow it to communicate with the iDisk storage device.

After clicking ‘allow’ it added an app to my phone called ‘iDisk me.’ In the app it showed me how much space is left on my iOS device and how much storage space had been used up on the iDisk, which of course is none since I had not saved anything to it yet. There are a few icons to click on next. Clicking on the camera icon allows you to take a picture that is then saved directly to the storage device. The other icons included images, music, videos or files icons each of which allowed me to move already taken photos, videos, music or files to iDisk storage.

You can also decide to save it to both your phone and the storage stick. You can set up folders on the iDisk to make sorting and finding your images or music files easier. The last icon is for tool or settings. Here I found the User Guide as well as the password or one touch setup options. As you can see in the above image, I created a few folders and added to them some of my already taken photos and then plugged the flash drive into my iMac’s USB port.

You can then open the iDisk file from your Mac or PC desktop to see the stored files you created and then move them to you computer, delete them or just view them. Is an iDisk or any USB Flash Storage Device Really Needed? At first when asked to review this product I really wondered if I would ever really use it or was it something I would actually purchase? Although it’s true that my iPhone 6 storage of a whopping 16GB is nearly full, I keep most of my music and photos in the iCloud and didn’t think that I’d have much of a need for such a storage device.

However, after receiving it and trying it out I can say that I do get the value of having more storage available and not having it all in the Cloud. One thing is that when we recently went on vacation having my music on the iDisk was very helpful since we rarely had any cellular or WiFi signal as we went through mountain passes. I was able to download my playlist and play it from the iDisk device and not have to try to stream it only when we got a signal. I can also think of other times it may be nice to be able to store music, videos, photos or certain files on the storage device and not on the Cloud or the phone itself, mostly privacy concerns. If you were at all concerned about losing files or photos that you really need I would highly suggest using such a device with your iPhone or iPad, especially if you’re not backing anything up to a hard disk.

Which iOS USB Flash Storage Drive to Buy? There are a lot of these USB flash storage devices with lightning ports not popping up on Amazon and other sites lately, but I would warn that not all are the same. Look at their description to ensure that they are Apple MFI certified as well as reading through reviews before purchasing one. The prices seem to range from $30-$100, but the one thing you really want to look for is that it is Apple MFI certified. This means that Apple certified it as compatible with their devices, which is important. I have purchased many cords that were not Apple certified and most ended up falling apart rather quickly. Fortunately none of them damaged my phone, but I try to now stick to Apple certified products so that I won’t damage my nearly $800 piece of technology.

Download Idisk For Mac Windows 10

Final Opinion: If you want to have your files available without streaming or wish to keep them private, I recommend using iDisk. I did compare this device, the iDisk, to the others on Amazon and I found that the price is comparable to similar devices that I found on Amazon, however, they did not have Apple MFI certification and their ratings were not as high, so the I would purchase this one over one of the others.