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Driving Aids For Handicapped Driver For Mac


Our Factory Certified Technicians Install & Service Hand Controls, Foot Controls & other Driving Aids FT Mobility has certified & insured technicians installing Hand Controls, Foot controls, steering & extension devices. Drivers who currently use specialized controls may have like equipment installed as long as the endorsement / restriction is listed on the reverse of their State-Issued Operator's License.

Installation of driver controls by new users requires training with a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist who will provide a ' prescription' of recommended adaptive equipment. This guideline is in place to protect the driver and general public, by ensuring each user has been properly evaluated, trained, and tested to safely operate a vehicle with the specialized modifications. Once installed, a new user is required to test at their local DMV to have endorsement / restrictions listed on their Driver's License.  Cost  of equipment and installation is unique to the year, make & model of the vehicle. With complete information, we are happy to provide custom written quotes.

Aids For Handicapped People

The Freedom Staff Portable Handicap Driving Tools is an adaptive driving control device that is helpful for people who cannot use their legs to control the brake and gas pedals of a car. These easy to install portable driving handles allow users to be able to drive a car that has not been custom modified. The Freedom Staff Driving Tools attach to most any car with an automatic transmission. The control handles allow the user to accelerate by gently pulling the lever toward them, and to brake by gently pushing the lever toward the floor. The long lever handles are easy to install using the included strap that slides over the steering column to stabilize the controls in position. The revolutionary design allows the user to easily handle the steering wheel with one hand while operating the hand control device with the other hand.

Freedom Staff Driving Tools are made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware to provide smooth operation. Freedom Staff Driving Tools are very portable and easy to transport, weighing less than three pounds and only measuring 18 inches long when folded. Freedom Staff Portable Handicap Driving Tools Specifications:. Fits: Automatic transmission automobiles.


Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware. Handle measures: 13 inches wide. Brake adjusts: 22 - 30 inches. Accelerator adjusts: 19-1/2 - 26-3/4 inches.

Includes: Lever handles, steering knob, adjustable strap, carrying bag. I love these hand tools, they have push pull that no other portable hand tool offers, they work as well as my permanently installed hand controls, I am going to be buying a new car soon and I am going to use these as my permanent hand tools as there is little difference in functionality and a huge difference in cost and I do not have to alter my automobile and can use them in multiple cars. I brought them with me on vacation and used them in the rental car, they were easy to change over and worked like a charm. I recommend these over the many I have used in the past. The problem with most portable hand tools is they fatigue your thumb/hand because of the pressure using the gas with your thumb, the push pull system eliminates this hand fatigue from repetitive thumb pressure. I've been using the Freedom Staff Portable Handicap Driving Tool in my truck for over 9 years, they are very comfortable and easy to use as I transfer them from one vehicle to the other and it takes less than 20 minutes between two vehicles.

Driving Aids For Disabled Drivers

I need to break down and purchase 2 more sets so I don't have to keep changing them, although I have 2 sets of permanent hand controls hanging in my shed from my previous vehicles there's no loosening bolts on the steering columns or pulling out the tools. The Freedom Staff Portable Hand Controls are the best adjustable driving tool I've encountered in my 22 years of being handicapped, Thank you for comfort and freedom to be independent.