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Httrack Website Copier For Mac

  1. Httrack Website Copier Alternative Mac
Httrack Website Copier For Mac

We have already share some good its time to compile the same list for Mac. Yes, in this post I have compiled a list of free website copier for Mac. All the below listed website rippers for Mac are not equally capable. Some are meant to copy websites whereas some are meant to copy webpages.

Based on your requirement and your comfort level with the tool, you can choose the one to serve you. 4 Best Free Website Copier For Mac CocoaWget 2.7 wget is the command which works in the backend on Linux machines while copying websites.

Httrack Website Copier Alternative Mac


CocoaWget is just a graphical tool for the command where you get to copy websites on Mac at the click of a button. HTTrack If you ask me to rank HTTrack among the Mac website copier tools available on Internet. It is an open source tool which downloads a website completely to your local desktop. It creates the directory tree such that you get to browse a website just the way you do offline. Its a great tool to copy websites on Mac. Paparazzi This is highly rated free Mac app which is meant to copy web pages locally.

Well, I am not sure why it is named so. It is written on Objective-C using the Cocoa API and the WebKit framework. SiteSucker This is another free Mac app which works like charm. All you need to is enter the URL of the website and its crawlers would crawl across the website and copy all the content, images, videos, flash content in order to replicate the website offline.