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Logitech Quickcam Download For Mac


I have a Logitech Webcam 9000. It's a very good 720p camera with an excellent microphone.

Unfortunately, this camera is no longer working out of the box under El Capitan 10.11.5. The video instructions above don't work for current Skype 7.44 or for Photo Booth 8.0. It's possible to get the microphone working under 10.11.5 by following these steps:. Open Audio Midi Setup from /Applications/Utilities/.

Select the Unknown USB Audio Device by clicking on it in the left pane. This is the Logitech Webcam 9000, as recognized by OSX. Click on Input on the Right Pane. In the format dropdown, select a different Hz from what is already selected. Now in the Volume Tab right under the format dropdown, fiddle with the volume bar, decreasing it all the way and then increasing it to the max. And now your microphone should work again. From SoundStudio as quality demo (fragment from Loving and Beloved, Sir John Suckling).

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Logitech Quickcam For Windows 10

Since the camera part no longer works, I've mounted my Logitech Webcam 9000 on a mic stand to use for podcasts as a guest. If I decide to host, I'll have to make one of my fancier mikes work with OS X but this mic is a great start.

Webcam makers do not often include microphones this good any more (the Webcam 9000 was pretty expensive in its day).