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Metal Gear Rising Is The First Metal Gear Game For Mac


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MetalMetal gear rising is the first metal gear game for mac freeRising

Submissions should be for the purpose of informing or initiating a discussion, not just with the goal of entertaining viewers. I think this game is awesome, and my son played the hell out of it on the PS3. Some time ago I bought it for the PC on Steam and it was on the 'Games I'm going to get to sometime.' When I was working on my Mac, I realized that there was an OS X port that I could play on my Macbook Pro, which is a better gaming machine than my old desktop in the corner. I checked the system requirements - yup, I'm all set, let it download and install and - Nothing. Started and stopped. After a long story short, what I finally discovered is that when Transgaming, the company who created the port included some DRM that has to 'phone home' as part of its install process.

In January of 2017, the was a final patch for Metal Gear Rising on the Mac. And then Transgaming went out of business. Their DRM servers are shut down, and now people who.legally bought the game. get this error: MetalGearRisingRevengeance3771: regapi failed: 6 MetalGearRisingRevengeance3782: regapi failed: 6 TNGLauncher3781: Couldn't open application: 6 MetalGearRisingRevengeance3798: regapi failed: 6 TNGLauncher3797: Couldn't open application: 6 There's no reason why this game can't run in its current format for the people who bought it. There's also no one to make a patch, and users who bought this game legally are stuck having to resort to pirating a copy if they want to play it.

And yes, I know there's going to be the asshat who replies 'Gaming on Mac what did you expect durrr.' No - this isn't an issue about the operating system, about drives or anything else. Sound diver for mac. This is about how DRM punishes the people who bought their product legally. Who had the expectation that they can use their property past the life of the company selling it. Konami has no interest in fixing this issue. Steam seems either unwilling or unable to fix it. Transgaming - honestly, fuck them for not having the honor to fix this issue before they went out of business.

Yeah, I'll install it onto my Bootcamp partition. But the fact is I shouldn't have to fix a problem purely of Konami's and Transgaming's making.

Metal Gear Rising Is The First Metal Gear Game For Mac

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