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OpenJazz - About OpenJazz is a free, open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit™ games. OpenJazz can be compiled on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows 98/Me/XP, Mac OS X and Linux. To play, you will need the files from one of the original games.

With the demise of DOS-based operating systems, it has become necessary to use emulators to play old DOS games. Jazz Jackrabbit™ deserves more - and would benefit greatly from new features. Jazz Jackrabbit™ is a PC platform game. Produced by Epic Games (then Epic MegaGames), it was first released in 1994. The fast-paced, colourful gameplay proved popular, and the game won PC Format's Arcade Game of the Year award. Many people still fondly recall the shareware versions.

History OpenJazz was started on the 23rd of August, 2005, by Alister Thomson. Academic pressures put the project on hold until late December 2005. The source code was released on the 25th, and the first version with a degree of playability was released on the 15th of January. Since then, a variety of ports have been released by other people. More academic pressures meant there were few updates over the following few years, but in 2009 a multiplayer version was released. License OpenJazz is available under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later, see licenses.txt for additional information. Controls Enter to choose a menu option, Escape to go back to the previous menu.

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F9 to view in-game statistics, P to pause. Alt + Enter switches between full-screen and windowed mode. The other controls are configurable via the 'setup options' menu.

By default, the controls are as follows:. Left and right arrow keys to move left and right.

Under Windows, Alt Gr (right Alt) to jump and the Space bar to shoot. Under Linux, the Space bar to jump and left Alt to shoot. Right Ctrl to change weapon. Building You will need the SDL 1.2.x library. For network play, you need a platform which provides sockets or use the SDLnet library , then either define USESOCKETS or USESDLNET in the Makefile. For music support, you need to define USEMODPLUG in the Makefile and the Modplug library. The Modplug library needs to be patched to support looping tracks, otherwise half of the level will be silent.

Further instructions are available at: other options. DATAPATH - use a fixed path for data files. HOMEDIR - use the user's home directory for data files. SCALE - enable scaling of the video output (i.e. Scale2X.). FULLSCREENONLY - disable window mode, useful for console ports. LINUXFHS - use Linux FHS paths Please see the provided Makefiles for reference.

Building using CMake There's currently work in progress support for CMake-based builds: mkdir build cd build cmake. && make -j4 Running Execute OpenJazz, depending on the platform and compile time options, the data files are expected to be under different paths (see above). Author Alister Thomson (alisterjt at yahoo dot com).

Note: Command line parameters will take precedence over values in the configuration file Game Data OpenJazz should be compatible with all released versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 1, this includes the Shareware Episodes, 'Holiday Hare' and 'Holiday Hare '95', the 'Jazz Jackrabbit CD' with 'The Lost Episodes' and the 'Complete' edition. INGAME CONTROLS Fixed Controls 'Enter' to choose a menu option 'Escape' to go back to the previous menu 'F9' to view in-game statistics (e.g. FPS) 'P' to pause the game 'Alt' + 'Enter' switches between full-screen and windowed mode Configurable Controls These are configurable via the 'setup options' menu. Default settings: 'Left' and 'Right' arrow keys to move left and right 'Space bar' to jump 'left Alt' to shoot 'right Ctrl' to change weapon Game Controllers Most game controllers and joysticks that SDL recognizes can be used. However, not all axes or buttons may be available. Needs manual settings.

REPORTING BUGS Bugs can be reported at the issue tracker. SEE ALSO J1E - level editor by Newspaz, JJ1MOD - graphic editor by Doubble Dutch. The OpenJazz Homepage. AUTHORS Alister Thomson (AlisterT) Engine, project lead Alireza Nejati Menu plasma effect newspaz Bug fixes, enemy improvements Carsten Teibes (carstene1ns) Maintenance, bug fixes, documentation Lars Persson (anotherguest) Movie playback fixes Scott Smith (Pickle) GP2X/WIZ, Canoo, Pandora ports PrzemysXaw Buczkowski (przemub) Android, Haiku ports Matthieu Milan (usineur) PSVita port deniska PSP port tehpola Wii port pocketinsanity PocketPC port Ricerind Mac OS X port Slaanesh GP32 port GPF Dreamcast port 2018-10-20 perl v5.26.2.