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Openoffice.org 1.1 Rc3 For Mac

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Hi All I have been using OO4.1.1RC3 with update1 applied for a few weeks and have successfully printed a few documents within that time. However, all those documents have been black text only. On trying to print a document with text in various colours I find that the printed output is mono with greyscale used to represent colours. I was using cups148, ghostscript8.71 and gutenprint5.2.7 so updated to the latest cups packages - cups2.0, ghostscript9.15 and gutenprint5.2.10 along with various dll files required - to see if that would help. The answer is No.

The lack of colour output seems to be the print output from OO4 as printing the same document from OO115 works as it should - coloured text is coloured not greyscale. Is this an OO4 for OS/2 problem or the same for all platforms? Where should I report this problem?

Regards Pete. Hi Dave I thought I had replied to your post previously but it has not appeared nearly 24 hours later Sounds like you are saying that printing works fine from AOO4 when using the omni driver but not when using the postscript driver.

Seems to indicate the possibility of something not quite right in the AOO4 postscript printer output. I guess I could do 'Print to file' for the same document from OO115 and AOO4 and compare the output to see if I can spot anything suggestive of a problem with the AOO4 output. This does not seem to be a cross platform problem so I have opened a bug Hopefully those involved in the OS/2 port will see the bug and investigate. Regards Pete. Hi Pete, Yes, I can print normally from every AOO4 app with the OMNI printer. With CUPS I can only get black and white text, no images or drawings/graphs (yet. Still playing around with options).

I'm certainly no expert on these things, but I was under the impression that when printing, the data from the app to the printer is the same regardless of the driver used and it is the driver that does the translation to the printer language. That is what led me to be more suspicious of the PSPRINT driver.

Openoffice for mac os xOpenoffice.org 1.1 Rc3 For Mac

Openoffice For Mac Os X

Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I could chime in on this. Your idea of print-to-file the same document from both versions and doing a compare sounds good.

Openoffice.org 1.1 rc3 for mac mac

Openoffice Download For Mac

I'd be very interested in the results. Regards, Dave McKenna. Hi Dave If I understand it right the postscript driver is the software interface to the hardware(printer) so the application is responsible for delivering postscript output compatible with the drivers requirements. Looking at the raw postscript files generated by OO115 and AOO4 from the same document when printed to file I am fairly sure that the printing program affects how the postscript is generated as the files are different sizes and have different contents - and they are using the same printer driver.

The output from AOO4 has duplicate sections which may or may not affect output. Interestingly the output from OO115 shows%%BeginFeature:.ColorModel Gray setpagedevice%%EndFeature where the output from AOO4 shows%%BeginFeature:.ColorModel RGB setpagedevice%%EndFeature As OO115 prints in colour and AOO4 in greyscale I think I expected OO115 to show.ColorModel RGB and AOO4 output to show.ColorModel Gray.

I wonder why the AOO4 output has '/cupsColorSpace 1'. Maybe related to the.ColorModel RGB bit. Avs video converter 9.1 download. As an experiment I changed the.ColorModel RGB to.ColorModel Gray and /cupsColorSpace 1 to /cupsColorSpace 0 in the AOO4 output, deleted the duplicate lines, saved the file and attempted to print it using cups:- J: CUPS BINlpr -P RX585 'I: Users peter HOME My Documents OO4EpsonRX585.PS' No, No Colour Output!:-( Not knowing much about postscript I doubt if I can 'debug' the AOO4 output to find and correct any error(s). I see AOO4.1.1 for OS/2 is just about to go GA so I will see if this problem has already been fixed before investigating further. Regards Pete.