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Philips Speechmike Pro 5274 Driver For Mac


. 2 Philips SpeechMike User Manual Philips SpeechMike User Manual COPYRIGHT © 1997 – 2005 Philips Speech Processing - Dictation Systems. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner. Information in this manual is subject to change without notice.

Philips SpeechMike User Manual 3 Introduction Thank you for buying a Philips SpeechMike product. Bump map or channels. The SpeechMike family of products has been designed to offer optimum user convenience and greater efficiency for your daily work.

Philips Speechmike Pro 5274 Driver For Mac

Philips Speechmike Premium Driver

This manual covers the installation of the SpeechMike Classic, SpeechMike Classic PLUS, SpeechMike Pro and SpeechMike Pro. 4 Philips SpeechMike User Manual Installation System requirements IBM-compatible PC with Pentium II, 233MHz processor (Pentium III, 500MHz recommended) At least 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended) 75 MB hard disk space for SpeechMike drivers & software A self-powered USB port with 300mA of output power (see the Troubleshooting section for details) Windows 98 SE., Windows Me., Windows 2000 or Windows XP It is highly recommended that you have the latest Service Packs installed for your operating system. Philips SpeechMike User Manual 5 Handling the SpeechMike Classic and SpeechMike Classic PLUS Place the SpeechMike in the palm of your hand with the thumb on the 4-position switch and your index finger across the trigger underneath. Alternatively, you can use your SpeechMike on your desktop like a conventional trackball. SpeechMike Classic and SpeechMike Classic PLUS button functions. 6 Philips SpeechMike User Manual Handling the SpeechMike Pro and SpeechMike Pro PLUS Place the SpeechMike Pro in the palm of your hand with your thumb resting on the trackball and your index finger across the trigger underneath.

Alternatively, you can use your SpeechMike on your desktop like a conventional trackball. PLUS SpeechMike Pro button functions. Philips SpeechMike User Manual 7 Software The software package for the SpeechMike includes the control application SpeechMike Control, the recording application TestRecorder, and the Device Configuration Tool. SpeechMike Control Application With the SpeechMike control software, you can create individual button command schemes to control and navigate through standard Windows applications. 8 Philips SpeechMike User Manual Exit: Click this button to close the application; the programmed buttons will no longer be activated. Assigned Application: If this field is empty (default) the current setting is applied to all Windows applications. If you intend to assign a specific scheme to a certain application, then click the Browse button and browse for the.exe file of the desired application (e.g.

Philips SpeechMike User Manual 9 Example scheme: Scroll.scm The SpeechMike control application is delivered with a set of commands that provide enhanced control features for Windows applications like Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher. To open the Scroll.scm scheme, do the following: 1. 10 Philips SpeechMike User Manual SpeechMike Device Configuration Tool With the Device Configuration Tool you can customize the behavior of all SpeechMike buttons by reassigning the functions they carry out. For example you can switch the left and right mouse buttons for a more comfortable left handed operation, or make the Instruction button start a recording instead of the Record button, if that feels a better fit for you. Philips SpeechMike User Manual 11 Troubleshooting For the latest information not included in the user manual, please refer to the Readme file. The file can be found on the Driver & Utility CD and in the SpeechMike Driver Utility program group of the Windows Start menu. If you are using your SpeechMike with Windows 98 SE, check that all components are installed properly as follows: 1.

The Philips SpeechMike Pro LFH5274 has been replaced by a new family of SpeechMikes that are available here at Dictaphones.co.uk. However we have stock of The Philips SpeechMike Pro LFH5274 features customizable function buttons, allowing it to be adapted to your individual preferences. Use the push buttons to manage your dictations and the light-weight device will lie comfortably in your hand even during longer dictation sessions. The scroll wheel allows you to one-handed move through forms or documents, while the dustproof optical trackball offers unparalleled navigation accuracy. Control the playback volume directly on the SpeechMike for highest convenience.