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Samsung Spinpoint N3a Hs030gb 30gb 1.8 Pata Zif Hard Drive


About product and suppliers: Alibaba.com offers 9 30gb ide hdd products. About 100% of these are hard drives.

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What microsata-to-ZIF adapters exist? Update 07-04-12 sata(LIF)-to-ZIF adapter is now available as making it possible to install a microSATA or mSATA SSD in a 1.8' ZIF bay. Update 01-16-12 Our friends over at 51bn.cn have succeeded in adapting a microSATA drive using a microsata-to-ZIF adapter to work in a ZIF-equipped HP 2710P tablet. Though with the prices of ZIF SSDs being lower than ever before and microSATA being phased out in favor of 7mm SATA or mSATA, I'd not recommend it. Instead consider a $90/$140 32GB/64GB Runcore ProIV (Indilinx BF + sata-to-pata) or a $75/$125 30GB/60GB SuperTalent ZT2 (EWS720) ZIF SSD instead.

See for links/reviews of these products. Update 09-17-11 Tried the polotek ZIF-to-microSATA adapter finding a microSATA SSD is wider than a ZIF drive as shown below. This means it would not fit in the 2510P cavity.

If looking to use this adapter then suggest using a mSATA SSD instead which, with the adapter, could be made to fit into the ZIF drive cavity. Update 12-04-10 ebay microsata-to-ZIF as described exists. Has been used to successfully convert a 1.8' Samsung SSD to ZIF as shown. X18M G2/G3 is now a real possibility!! Update 11-11-10 A microsata-to-ZIF adapter exists. Wrote me (click spoiler).

RE: zif to microsata adapter This is the new item, no photo is available now. The sata-to-pata chip used is JMicron JM20330. The dimensions are about 60L.30W.6.0H(mm). This adapter is not suitable for use in a laptop computer for its limited space. It is just for outside usage.

We are not the reseller but the manufacturer. The price for this unit is US$6 (FOB Hongkong, Industrial packing) MOQ 100pcs. Delivery time will be about 15 business days after receiving 30% TT wire transfer advanced payment. Balance before delivery. Q: Can it be made smaller for internal usage and have the Marvell sata-to-pata chip instead?

Some of our adapters use the JM20330, they all compliant with Win7, the Marvell SATA-to-PATA chip is available also, but this adapter with JM20330 is our general product. The thinner and smaller adapter is possible if necessary, but i'm not sure if it can be used IN the laptop computer even so. I just checked with the engineer, no matter how we adjust the dimension of the adapter, the size of the HDD space must be 85.54.8 (mm) at least because the fixed 1.8' HDD/SSD size, for most universal solution.polotek do have a photo of their adapter. Current 1.8' ZIF SSD and their performance includes some native SATA SSDs using sata-to-pata bridge: mtron, samsung and intel. SATAII is 300MB/S.

Intel ICH5/6/7/8 PATA interface is UDMA-5/ATA-100 with a maximum of 100MB/s, but practically delivers 91MB/s as shown and We then find it desirable to make a SATA to ZIF bridge adapter to provide SATA harddisk or SSD upgrade options Users of Macbook Air, Thinkpad U110, HP Mini 1000, Dell D420/D430/X1, HP 2510P/2710P, ASUS U1E, Acer Aspire One SSD, or any other machine using the slow 1.8' PATA drives with ZIF connectors (or with a free ZIF connector) may wish this as well. A Dell ZIF to SATA adapter exists:. It's a ZIF-to-SATA adapter on ebay as used in Dell D620 ATG systems to convert a ZIF drive for use on a 2.5' SATA interface. It uses a Silicon Image sata-to-pata bridge, reknown for quality products that deliver high performance. Question is, is this device bi-directional? If so, we see there's a 3.3V voltage regulator that can be bypassed if using a 1.8' SATA drive. We see too that it is a bit wider than a 1.8' drive, probably to accomodate the affixing screwholes.

An adapted solution.probably. can cut the board to the width of a 1.8' ZIF.

The SATA end can run individual wires directly to the 1.8' SATA SSD like shown on the right. Right top: Dell zif-to-sata adapter (bidirectional??) Right bottom: 4 SATA I/O lines plus 3.3V and GND attached to a Samsung SSD, a working setup, as found in the. Nizzy115 is saying that even if you build a SATA to PATA/ZIF host adapter, the entire system will be capped by the 133MB/s limit of the PATA portion of the system. Seeing how small many of these PATA/ZIF machines are, I'm skeptical that anyone could fit an amalgamation of all three of the aforementioned parts in the desired space.

Samsung Spinpoint N3a Hs030gb 30gb 1.8 Pata Zif Hard Drive Driver


Samsung Spinpoint N3a Hs030gb 30gb 1.8 Pata Zif Hard Drive

Having opened a Dell XT, I'd say that short of a humongous mod-job (like cutting into the chassis kind of mod job, which I wouldn't be inclined to do), there's room for the HDD and only the HDD. EDIT: Furthermore, while they aren't the fastest things on the market, there are PATA/ZIF devices out there like the 1.8' Mtron 3000/3500 drives that will be much faster than a typical 1.8' HDD without the need of extra hardware. Possibly, eventually someone will come up a PATA/ZIF device that can make full use of the 133MB/s transfer rate. The Mtron is only 32GB and compared to some SSD drives it is has a quite high power cosumption level. The Samsung SATA SSD drives on ebay are pretty decently priced.

They seem cheaper than the zif SSD 1.8 drives that you can get. The Sasmung zif drives only come in 32GB and 64GB and some people want more storage. My niece owns a P7230 and that takes a 1.8 IDE drive. I would like to get her a Micro SATA 1.8 drive because they are cheaper and you get drives that are 80GB and over. I have a Samsung SLC drive in my Sony TX and it is not the fastest SSD drive out there but the drive feels very fast to me and it is a massive boost over the standard 1.8 PATA drive that it came with. The computer boots up and shuts down very fast.

Applications load very quickly also. For me the drive was the best combination between performance and power consumption. That adapter probably would be too big to fit into a lot of ultraportables. Click to expand.I've had a look at the space on a 2510P and believe the three parts, combined correctly, could fit in the drive space without too much of a problem. So others who may wish to do the same may try it as well. And the 2510P may be cursed with a slow PCMCIA (Ricoh chip). So potentially the 2xSATA to IDE adapter could be tapped off to provide an ESATA port.

That or else USB2.0. In the original thread relating to a 2510P there is also an investigation of enabling the ICH8-M onboard SATA ports that may not be wired up. Click to expand.I absolutely agree. But it doesn't exist as yet. The above is the best I can come with while still maintaining a low profile solution, without resorting to custom fab work and keeping it cheap.

Samsung spinpoint n3a hs030gb 30gb 1.8 pata zif hard drive

I've re-written some of the instructions as perhaps the important part of solding the two boards into one wasn't clear. All that is really needed is the ZIF connector bridge chip SATA connector. It could seriously fit on the most tiniest SMT board as the bridge chip does most of the work.