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Top Video Converter For Mac

  1. Best Youtube Converter For Mac
Best video converter for macbook pro

Video is definitively the most popular media format for entertainment. It can easily go viral online to lead the trend of ideas, fashion, technology, etc. As videos continue to grow in number and versatility, we will need an efficient way to manage all these files, to finally get more kick out from these videos. You Just Need a Video Converter Wait!

A video converter? Does it have anything to do with the thing of video watching? Yes, and lot.

Make the most of iPhone video – today’s iPhones are video-shooting powerhouses, which take cinematic 1080p and 4K video. So you’ll need to get them off your iPhone and edit them into something watchable. While that’s easy enough if you like working on a macOS system using Apple software, it’s not so great if you prefer to use Windows and a different editing package. Stop “Error message” keep popping up – when you intend to cross platform viewing a video online oroffline, an error message may keep popping out indicating you are not installing a required video viewer or you are watching on an incompatible Operating system/Explorer, etc. If you have a video converter in hand, you can download or directly convert them into standard video formats to watch anywhere, any time. Make video-sharing easier – the source of some video files may be limited to several formats, but when you share video with some others using different video players or built-in extensions, you will need to convert them into other needed formats, to provide convenience to the video recipients. Reduce video size – your device might be able to run 1080p or even 4K video.

But it still falls short on the storage. Also, playing high-quality videos requires extra battery juice. So, to shrink the size and quality of a video is a considerable option. Keep all video in the same format for filing – if you are a heavy video lover, for example, a crazy fan of Taylor Swift is much likely to collect her MV, live video, interview clips, etc. These videos are probably not in the same format for easy and systematic filing. Then, a video converter will help.

What to look for in video converter software There are lots of video converter available. Here we narrow our selection down to best ones exclusively for Mac and Windows users, basing on following criteria that are crucial for a good user experience: Formats compatibility: The most important aspect is to make sure your video converter supports familiar formats like MP4 or MOV for Mac or mobile devices. If you or your friends use a PC, look for AVI or WMV file support. Along with file formats, the video converter should support common video codecs(MPEG-4 and H.264 codec) and the new video codec H.265/HEVC. Conversion quality: To be frank, when you are converting a file from one file to another file, there is for sure a quality loss occurred in the conversion process. But a good video converter for mac should be capable of maintaining the original quality as much as possible.

Conversion speed: Yes, as you have noticed, “fastness” is a another important factor to take into consideration when we pick a video converter. We all know, a video files is generally in large size, from hundreds MB to several GB, to deal with such a large file, the conversion speed is the key not to consume our patience and time. Extended features: Additional features, such as batch conversion, a basic set of editing tools or quick presets, will for sure suits a great part of users’ needs. Also, they make the deal more worthwhile to users. The Best: After testing dozens of video converters on MacOS and PC, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate finally comes out as the top pick of total video conversion solution. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (from $39.95) is an all-in-one video toolkit. It stays focused on its core task – converting video with the minimum of effort– while providing options and powerful extra features for those that need them.

Top Video Converter For Mac

As a result, you can get video into a format you can work with in minutes, without any video-editing experience whatsoever. You don’t even need to use iTunes to transfer your files across. The video converter is available for Windows and MacOS. Here we list the reasons how Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate comes to beat its competitors and stands on the top of out picks.

Best video converter for mac os x

Converting video the easy way Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate takes care of that by helping you convert almost any video format under the sun to another format. The software supports conversion of up to 1000 different video and audio formats, including the all new 3D and VR (virtual reality) video rendering and conversion. Using the program is easy, you can convert files alone or in batches in a few simple steps.

Once you’ve selected the files you wish to convert, the app then automatically picks the best target format with a resolution to match the original, so that, for example, a 1080p full HD MKV video file will be converted to a 1080p full HD MP4 file for playback on your iPhone. In fact, you can change the output format, you can also convert video to audio format. The formats are all divided by format and device. There is a quick preset for when you don’t know which format to convert a video to. You can pick one of a wide range of presets designed to cover popular iOS and Android devices.

Besides, Wondershare Video Converter claims one of the top H.265/HEVC encoders. It is an all-in-one H.265/HEVC decoder, encoder and converter.

Not only can it allow you to convert H.265/HEVC to common video files, but also convert SD/HD videos (AVCHD, M2TS, MTS, MKV, H.264, MP4, AVI, TS, MOD, TOD, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc.) to H.265/HEVC with several mouse clicks. Converting video with higher speeds Wondershare applies the APEXTRANS technology to convert videos 30X faster than its competitors. The sofware also support for the latest hardware encoding technologies built into Nvidia and AMD graphics processors and Intel CPUs, including NVENC, CUDA and Intel Quick Sync. No matter how large your video files are, Wondershare processes the conversion indeed as it claims, super fast.

I added 10 videos in different size into the program, it just took several seconds to convert videos within 200 MB, for those larger than 500MB and even up to 1 GB, it basically took me less than 5 minutes. Batch conversion is another contributor to make the conversion time efficiently. If you have multiple videos around to convert, batch conversion can save you lost of time. When I mean fastness, not only imply the conversion process, but also refer to its fast responsiveness. From the action to upload video, tweak settings, to detect accessible devices, this video converter can fast respond and navigate users accurately.

Converting video with extremely minimal quality loss Conversion quality matters a lot, especially in the case you are converting some video sources with relatively low resolution. But Wondershare can highly retain the quality, both on video conversion and audio conversion. Actually, I have done several comparisons between some original videos and the corresponding output videos, with the intention to check how much Wondershare can do for users concerning quality issue. Here is the conclusion: you can barely find out difference between the input and output when there is no size different between the input format and output format.

But when you convert a video from one format to another format with smaller size, the quality will lose a little, but still much better than using other video converters. Extra features The great thing about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is that it balances this simplicity with a range of tools for more advanced users. Handing online video: As an stand-alone desktop tool to convert videos, this program original focused on working with offline videos. But as online videos becomes increasingly popular, Wondershare video converter ultimate also evolved with refinement to handle videos online.

Put it simply, with this program, users are allowed to download online videos and then convert as needed. You can download videos from popular video websites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., by copying and pasting the URL to the program.

The downloading feature is really appealing and works almost of the time. Yet, I still failed to download some videos from Youtube, I think that’s where Wondershare need to dig in more, and I will prefer a dedicated app. Burning DVD: You can burn videos to both single layer (4.7GB) and dual layer (7.8GB) DVDs, with a range of templates provided for the front-end menus. Given that people don’t really use DVDs or CDs anymore and the drives are fast disappearing from laptops and desktops alike, this feature might interest very few people. Transferring to mobile devices: It’s convenient to directly transfer the converted video or audio files from your computer to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without iTunes. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows you to connect your mobile device to the program, it will download the needed driver immediately for following process.

Best Youtube Converter For Mac

You will be guided by the prompted instructions to upload and transfer files. Even if you are not technically adept, it is easy to use. According to my tests, this application works quite well when transferring media files to Apple devices, but when transferring to other brands, I needed to try several times to connect to the program, even, I got a connection failure on earlier models or operating systems. Extended tools: The useful thing about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is that it balances this simplicity with a range of tools for more advanced users. Editing video: Under the editing mode, you can crop, add effect/watermark/subtitle, and adjust audios of your uploaded videos. Recording screen: A built-in screen recorder for helping you make your own videos, or record all desktop activities with voice.

Fixing video metadata: A tool for fixing corrupt or missing metadata automatically, so that files are listed and catalogued properly when you store them on your computer. Merging videos: You can combine multiple video clips into one, even these clips are in different video formats. These features can help you turn your video into something great, but never loses its focus, tackling the tough work of conversion and doing it as quickly and effectively as possible. The Rest ($45.95), is the next top pick to convert videos.

Download wav for mac

Actually, in terms of capabilities, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate just edges out in this competition, since MacX Video Converter Pro also allows users to convert, download and edit videos on mac. Even, it has the feature to record screen videos and make photo slides. Like Wondershare, MacX also supports a wide range of video format, audio formats and devices. On conversion quality retaining, it also does a decent job. As for the conversion speed, MacX does excellently too, but not that outstanding as Wondershare. Speaking of its interface, I have to say, the cluttered information will distract even annoy users some how.

($39.95) is an easy-to-use video converter. It is designed to convert and edit videos. Thought not that feature-rich(cannot download, burn DVD or transfer), its editing feature takes an advantage over other 2 video converters. Users can utilize this tool to cut and merge, crop and rotate, add titles or watermarks, even stabilize video and refine the quality. Also, the interface is quite neat and intuitive. (free) is an open source to convert video on Mac and PC. Though more and more users now go to paid and professional video converters, Handbrake is still a robust FREE option for us.

It supports hot media formats and allows basic video converting, such as title selection, chapter markers, subtitles. Even, the conversion quality can be satisfactory and stable.

Yet, the big problem about using this free program is, unknown crash half-way. In this case, you have to quit and repeat the process, or choose a better video converter. ($39.95) is the last pick for fastest video converter for mac.

The reason I put it down on my list mainly due to the reason that it is chose as the best by many users, to manage and transfer files between different devices wirelessly. However, when dealing with video conversion, Waltr 2 is not inferior in any respect comparing to other recommendations. Waltr 2 is designed to transfer any videos, audios, PDF and ePub files to any Apple devices without iTunes. It has a flawless Wi-Fi connection, your devices can be accurately detected, and the selected file will be converted, then transferred to your devices.

Though there is no additional features when converting videos on mac using Waltr 2, it is a good alternative. In such a Wi-Fi powered community, wireless work provides more convenience and will be a necessity in software development. Conclusion The overall experience of the was fine. It’s quick, it’s easy and it works. If you have any need for converting videos, this is the tool to use. The software is available for Windows (XP and above). You can purchase its one-year license for $39.95 and the lifetime license for $59.95.

For MacOS, it’s available with a price tag of $39.5 (1-year license) and $59 (lifetime). It is also available as a trial version but with limited features.