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Visual Studio And Visual Studio For Mac


Its officially out on App Store glad to say its finally out let me ask U a question; how is the performance? Metal gear rising is the first metal gear game for mac. Minimum system requirements; gt650m or ris or 4850m 4Gb ram recommended(what does recommended mean exactly?)(does it mean if you have the following config you'll be able to run it maxed out)?

I just recently download VS for college. In class, we are using Visual Basic as our main language.


Free Visual Studio For Mac

After downloading VS for Mac, I did not see an option to start a project with VB. I can see that If I go to Other and click on the parent 'Other' - '.NET' I can start a console project with VBNet. Is this the only type of VB that VS supports?

Visual Studio And Visual Studio For Mac Free

During installation I was not able to install the.NET Core library due to my OS being out of date. I denied because my computer can not run at its best with the newer and heavier OS. Any assistance would be great. Thanks, Gavin Burris.