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Visualizer Function For Mac


The Brainwave Visualizer is a colorful, interactive application controlled by your brain, that shows you a graphical representation of your brain’s activity. The Brainwave Visualizer includes the Brainwave Visualization, Brainwave Power Spectrum Graph, and the eSense Attention and Meditation meters. The on-screen shapes morph and change color depending on your state of mind. Because each person has a unique brain wave profile, no two visualizations will ever be the same. Minimum System Requirements.

On startup, the Brainwave Visualizer will automatically try to connect to the headset. If this is unsuccessful, then a configuration panel will appear. You can also bring up this panel by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard.

Here, you can manually specify the port name as well as various other configuration options. You can also enable demo mode, which lets you run the Visualizer without a headset using randomly-generated data. On the Mac, you can determine your serial port name by following the instructions given in. Configuration Options. Label Description Status This describes the status of the MindSet headset. The status is Connected if the headset is connected to the computer and the application is communicating successfully with the headset.


The status is Disconnected if the headset is disconnected from the computer. Port This option tells the application which serial port to look for the headset on. Scan ports This option enables or disables the port-scanning function when a connection attempt is made. Enable demo mode This option turns on demo mode, which lets the Visualizer operate without the headset (using randomly-generated data). Name Description 1 View selector This lets you select between the available views. The selector only appears when you move the mouse cursor.


It disappears if the keyboard and mouse have been idle for long enough. 2 Signal status This tells you the quality of the brainwave signal coming from the headset. A red X means that the headset is disconnected. The more bars there are, the better the signal quality. Generally, a status with four or five signal bars indicates a good signal.

Free Music Visualizer For Windows

Clearpage Views. The Game View of the Visualizer lets you play a simple telekinetic game that utilizes eSense™ values from the headset. You can hold down and drag the right mouse button to change the perspective of the camera. Buttons on the left side of the screen let you choose between eSense™ Attention and Meditation. The data shown in the top-left portion of the screen helps you keep track of various game statistics. The bar at the bottom tells you your current level of Attention or Meditation.

Visualizer Function For Macbook

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