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Wet N Wild Palette In Vanity. Dupes For Mac


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Wet N Wild Palette In Vanity. Dupes For Mac 2017

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Wet N Wild Palette In Vanity Dupes For Mac

Wet n wild palette in vanity. dupes for mac 2017

Tutorials and Shopping Guides. Useful Links. Different mod team to reddit MUA. I see potential dupes for Antique Bronze, Buon Fresco, Tempera, Vermeer, Love Letter, Red Ochre, Cypress Umber, Warm Taupe, and Burnt Orange in here.

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Wet N Wild Palette In Vanity. Dupes For Mac Free

So I think this is excellent for people wanting to play with this colour family who are either on a lower budget generally and/or prefer WnW's formula OR people who want to see if this colour combo is enjoyable for them to use before splurging on MR.:) Exciting to see WnW putting matte/shimmer shades together in these larger colour combos.:). Is Samantha Jane'a YouTube video on the new Wet n Wild stuff that also includes a quick comparison of this palette and MR. She says that some of the new palettes have a dryer formula than usual Wet n Wild palettes. And while I think the Wet n Wild formula is really good for drugstore, the ABH Modern Ren is just in a class of its own. I held off buying it until just recently because I love my ABH, MUG, and Mac singles and have some other favorite palettes and just didn't see the need. I was wrong, the MR shadows practically blend themselves. Every look I've done has just been stunning.

This palette looks like a nice drugstore option and I'm excited about the matte shades especially the crease and transition ones. I may pick it up just to play with it since it's cheap.

But I don't think it's a substitute for the MR, just a good drugstore option and alternative for those who can't spend that much.