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Dhs 300a Softward For Mac


This page contains information and relevant links concerning the Hazus software application provided by FEMA. Details of the most recent release of Hazus may be found at. This page is geared toward current and prospective users of the Hazus software, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals, mitigation planners, emergency managers, risk analysts and others engaged in disaster loss estimation. To receive updates regarding the Hazus program, training opportunities, and conferences. Software Hazus 4.2 Please read the User Release notes that come with the download of the software to learn more about the changes or visit the page. You can also read historical User Release Notes for the Hazus software on the. Download Hazus Download the latest version of Hazus free-of-charge online by visiting the.

  1. Dhs 300a Software For Mac
Dhs 300a Softward For Mac

International users may download the Hazus software, but not the U.S. State or territory datasets.


Dhs 300a Software For Mac

International users who require technical assistance downloading the software may email the Hazus Help Desk at. Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) FEMA's CDMS tool provides users with the capability to support analysis by updating and managing statewide datasets.

It is included with the Hazus software. Additional Information., the most current technical documentation for Hazus, are available in the. Hazus Software are available in the. For more information on Hazus please visit the page.

Dhs 300a Softward For Mac

The icons shown below are categories of DHS common spend in which Department-wide contract vehicles have been established. Choose a category for a complete listing and description of each contract vehicle within the category. Post award teaming opportunities may be available.

Contact the contract awardee in each description to learn what opportunities exist. Strategic Sourcing Contract Vehicles by Category To contact us regarding current and in-process Department-wide contract vehicles, please email.