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Docker-compose Run Results In Connection Refused

Docker-compose Run Results In Connection Refused

Docker Compose Run One Service

What Is Docker Compose Docker Compose is a JSON language tool that defines single or multiple applications using a YAML file that configures core services like Services, Volumes and Networking. Installation Installing docker Compose requires an internet connection and Windows PowerShell.

Docker-compose Run Results In Connection Refused

To install Docker Compose I will run the two lines below, The first line will configure TLS settings for Github and the second one will download Docker Compose from GitHub and copy it to C: Program Files. Net.ServicePointManager::SecurityProtocol = Net.SecurityProtocolType::Tls12 Invoke-WebRequest ' -UseBasicParsing -OutFile $Env:ProgramFiles docker docker-compose.exe Note: to change the downloaded version number visit the link below and change the number (1.21.2) The process takes around 2 minutes Check Version To check it was installed I will run the line below docker-compose version Below, I will run docker compose with a small application Below is my YAML file As you can see it runs without any issue.

Hi, I was able to successfully provision a server through docker machine. I ran docker-compose and it created images on my remote server. However, when I curl that server curl $(docker-machine ip example-machine):80 I am getting a connection refused. I checked the ports on my nginx container and it is 80/tcp - Am I missing a step on how to properly expose this port?

This compose setup works fine on my local but is only showing problems when I am trying to deploy w/ docker-machine. EDIT: I solved it!

Turns out it was an issue with the volumes tag in the docker-compose file. Make sure to make and use your prod version!